Recovery, if not significant improvement, is possible for many of these food-related conditions:

Autism Candida Complex Schizophrenia
PDD Tourette’s Syndrome Irritable Bowel Syndrome
ADD Fibromyalgia Celiac Disease
ADHD Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  
Aspergers Syndrome Many other cross-related and
food-related illnesses

Recovery, albeit “managed” recovery, has been accomplished to date by a handful of parents and individuals. These individuals have implemented their own strategies and succeeded despite ridicule from the medical community and unbelievable odds against them. Significant improvement, if not recovery, is possible for you and your child, too.

Proof of “typical” medical profiles for the autistic population and recommendations for the treatment of those medical conditions are now available from sources on the internet and from current research by other sources, worldwide. Applying this information can dramatically increase your odds of improving health and/or behavioral issues for yourself or for your child. These medical conditions are more significant among the autistic population, and although this web site is geared toward helping children with autism, much of what is used to significantly improve the symptoms of autism can be equally effective as treatment for cross-related illnesses. The physical symptoms of other diagnoses can be just as “silently” debilitating as autism and they appear different along with their own unique characteristics, however, they still have many of the same underlying food-related problems.

Our goal is to provide necessary information for you and your physician that will facilitate obtaining the tests and treatment for your child to promote recovery from any of these devastating conditions. We hope this knowledge will give you hope and empower you to take charge of your child’s health or your own well being.

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